The best falafel you will ever make. Packed as a dry mix, to prepare just add boiling water, mix and cook. We use activated chickpeas(lightly sprouted) and the very best ingredients, including Kalahari Desert salt and non-irradiated spices.  

Classic or Crazy 

We have to varieties of Falafel. Classic is what you would expect from a classic falafel only ours is way better. The only thing you might want to add besides water is more chilli if that’s your style. The crazy version is a totally different take on falafel made with beetroot, cardamom, poppy and hint more chilli than the classic but really it’s just add some zing. If you like zing you can always add more chilli but that’s it!


This is a breakfast/snack pancake mix which has activated buckwheat and chickpeas and added super foods goji berry and maca. No sugar or sugar substitutes like xylitol. To prepare just add water mix for 30 secs then throw in the pan. This is a truly healthy guilt free pancake and makes an excellent alternative to smoothies or porridge for vegans and people following a plant based lifestyle. These pancakes have subtle sweetness and unique flavour but will need toppings.