Falafel brinjal stacks

Falafel brinjal stacks layered with tahini and hummus. An all in one taste sensation. A hint of sharpness from the lemony tahini, paprika dusted brinjal giving a sweet and smokey hints rounded by the classic outcast falafel flavour. These make a great starter or canape or if you are like me you just eat them as meal on there own.

To make these you will need to follow at least one or two more recipe’s to make the tahini and the hummus. You should be able to buy a quality hummus at most good deli’s or whole food stores but prepared tahini is harder to find and is really easy to make, so best made fresh.


  • Prepare the falafels, aubergine, tahini and hummus
  • Add a spoonful of tahini to each falafel
  • Now add a quarter slice of aubergine or a full slice if using baby aubergines
  • Dust aubergine lightly with paprika
  • Add a dollop of hummus to the too

Preparing aubergine takes a bit of practice. I find the easiest option to bake and then lightly grill in the oven but often end up sauteing and frying to get a slightly softer texture. To bake, cute the aubergine into slices around 0.5cm thick. Brush each side with oil and salt lightly. Place on an oiled baking tray and put into preheated oven at 180 – 200 degrees depending on the oven. If shallow frying you will need to fry the first side for around 6 minutes before turning over and frying the second side for around 4 minutes.


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