The way of the Outcast

We choose the real way, the only way


Outcast products are filled with love, it's a taste revolution. Always easy to prepare and super tasty.


We only use the best ingredients such as kalahari desert salt. We have a no junk policy. Our products are gluten free and vegan friendly.

About Outcast Foods

Outcast products were born from years of living a conscious lifestyle and experimenting with real, clean food. Our passion is to create tasty plant-based food that is easy to prepare. Because we believe that every plant-based meal helps make the world a little bit happier and healthier.

What people say

A few of the responses from the brave people who tried it first

Mom on the go

"We had them at the weekend. Best falafel I’ve ever had. Our 2 year old gobbled them up. We just served with salad and mint yoghurt"

First timer

"We have just enjoyed some of Outcast's falafels. I fried them. Really delicious! Tasty and grainy. And great fun for me to make something I’ve never had before. Instructions excellent."

Yoga dude

"It was impossible to get it wrong, which I usually do. The falafel was amazing!!"


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Whats Cooking

Coleslaw – Double take

Coleslaw – Double take I love coleslaw but the mayonnaise started putting me off so I started experimenting and found that a combination of lemon, olive oil and honey with either mustard or paprika depending Read more…

Whats Cooking

Falafel brinjal stacks

Falafel brinjal stacks Falafel brinjal stacks layered with tahini and hummus. An all in one taste sensation. A hint of sharpness from the lemony tahini, paprika dusted brinjal giving a sweet and smokey hints rounded Read more…

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