About Outcast Foods

Outcast Foods creates easy-to-prepare tasty and healthy plant-based meals.  Our instant whole-food pre-mixes and frozen burgers, are made with activated pulses to increase nutrient absorption. Everything in our range from Falafel, Burgers and Flapjacks are Whole Foods with no gluten, fillers, preservatives or additives. Bringing natural flavours together to create delicious meals. 

Outcast Foods is based on four principles 

* Delicious * Healthy * Easy to prepare * Plant based

To prepare our dry mix products at home simply add water and cook. You will end up with freshly made crispy falafel or scrumptious flapjacks. Did you know? The cooked weight of the products is almost double the dry weight on the boxes for most products!

Our newer frozen lines offer more convenience with a plant based delicious taste experience.

Dry Mixes

The dry mixes offer more value and great taste where our frozen offering bring some added convenience and great taste. You get to choose!

Our Range includes

  • Classic Falafel – Often referred to by people as the best falafel in town!
  • Crazy Falafel – A wild take on falafel with beetroot, cardamom and poppy seeds.
  • A Wholefood Flapjack mix – They’re fluffy,delicious and nutrient rich. Just add water/milk and cook.

Frozen Plant Based Burger – Food Service and Retail

We have a new frozen burger with Incredible flavour, it’s wholefood with a firm texture, cook from frozen or thawed. Cook in a pan, on a grill or air fry. Contact us fo more info. This is a patty for those looking for something that is not a true meat replacement but still feels like a burger not a veg patty.

No additives or binders like rice and potato flour. made with pulses and veg. No preservatives or additives of any kind, only real food ingredients.

We have had such amazing feedback from kids to men in there 70’s who do not normally eat plant based burgers. Everyone loves these!

For restaurants and caterer we offer a thicker chunkier plant based burger.

Try these to find out why people are raving about them!

What People Say

Frozen Burger comments:

  • Restaurant Manager – The burgers were f****n delicious and I am a meat eater!
  • Lisa – My bf and I both thoroughly enjoyed the burgers (and he is a hard sell!) Taste and texture is great, and it holds together so well, unlike other plant-based burgers. Tried pan fry and air fry and both were good!

Dry Mixes Comments:

  • Chef Feedback – Exceptional, versatile, and flavourful and simple to prepare– and that’s collective feedback.  Interestingly too, the vleis rys en artappel addicts in the test group (men) were not in the least phased by the non-meat meal as they were satiated and the slightly exotic flavours / out of normal dishes more than made up for the missing chop on the plate, so to speak. Equally interesting too, is that 2 of the test group suffer quite severely from IBS, and chickpeas is usually a no no. The falafel did not have even the slightest adverse effect on either of them – whilst admittedly not a point easily or desirably marketable, it is after all, a plus.  

Our range is certified Halaal and Kosher