A few pictures and more detail to get the perfect falafel

How do I Know how much water to add?

Well this all depends on the  quantity you want to make. If you use one bag just add 200ml of boiling water. If you use both bags use 400ml. Mix well and cover the mix, letting it stand for 10 minutes. You can even pop it in the fridge to make the mix a bit firmer to handle or till you are ready to cook them.


What consistency should I end up with?

You should end up with a paste like texture after mixing the dry mix with boiling water. If it is watery it is likely that too much water has been added. You can try leave it standing for longer to let the mix soak up the excess water or place in the fridge for an hour to see if that helps.

What size and shapes do I make?

This depends on frying or baking. For pan frying or baking it is best to flatten the falafels into discs. For deep frying round or slightly  flattened will work great. In terms of size if you use roughly a table spoon of mix. To get a disc, first roll into a ball then flatten lightly. For perspective on how the size of the discs in the picture, the spoon in the picture is a table spoon.

Frying or baking?

Either of these options will get you tasty falafel  but frying wins the taste and texture competition. Use a good pan to minimise oil use and find that sweet spot that lets you cook each side once only for between 3-4 minutes depending on how hot the pan is. Too much heat will burn the outside, too little and they won’t be crispy. It takes a bit of fine tuning depending on the pan and stove.

Should I add chili?

Yes! Chili takes the taste experience to the next level. They are made mild to cater for all tastes but adding some chili powder will help spice things up and add that extra edge.

What Do we eat these with?

There are endless ways to enjoy falafel. Some ideas to inspire


Classic Pita Pocket – You could make the classic pita pocket, which has finely chopped tomato, cucumber and pepper, hummus, a bit of chilli, some finely sliced cabbage and then rounded off with fried egg plant and some tahini drizzled at the end. For a fun do it yourself kind of feast, present all the ingredients and let everyone make there own.



The Super Salad – Cut some baby leaf spinach and green cos lettuce leaves as a base. The add some diced tomatoes, cucumber and peppers. Add some carrot shavings, use a peeler to get some delicate curls of carrot in the mix. Then add the falafels and top with home made tahini and drizzle with olive oil. If you can source or make some saurkraut I find that it adds some real zing and is a great complement to the falafels and salad.

Will these store well?

Unfortunately not. Falafel tend to dry out if left for more than a day. If you do plan on storing for later use it is best to put into a sealed container shortly after cooking even while mildly hot.